ION TradAir Partners with BlockQuake to Create Greater Crypto Liquidity

  • Trading Systems
  • 12.01.2022 08:30 am

ION, a global provider of trading, clearing, analytics, treasury, and risk management solutions for capital markets, commodities, and treasury management, today announces that one of its group companies, TradAir, has partnered with BlockQuake, a global regulatory-driven cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange, to improve seamless liquidity integration.

As a leading provider of liquidity integration technology with roots in traditional finance, TradAir brings sector expertise to the cryptocurrency space. Through this partnership, BlockQuake will further its vision for merging cryptocurrency and blockchain with traditional financial services. This alliance will allow markets to operate in parallel and communicate with one another, improving efficiencies so traders can benefit from a wider selection of assets.

The partnership will give TradAir and BlockQuake’s top global regulated liquidity providers an improved, seamless, overall liquidity integration. Customers will be offered deeper liquidity and better pricing thanks to the alignment of market makers and liquidity providers in the digital asset space. This depth of liquidity will allow trades of all sizes to be executed.

BlockQuake is on the path to become a one-stop-shop with multiple fiat gateways into and out of various cryptocurrencies and stablecoins,” said Antonio Brasse, CEO and Co-Founder of BlockQuake. “Through this partnership, we will tap into a wider customer base and not only be able to service retail clients globally but also institutions, family offices, and other entities interested in transacting high volumes. I look forward to this alliance as it will enhance overall liquidity integration, creating a better user experience and ultimately, drive greater adoption into the industry.”

Brian Liedberg, Chief Business Officer at TradAir, added: “We’re delighted to be partnering with BlockQuake, extending our solutions to benefit ION’s customers. Through this partnership, BlockQuake will be able to provide deeper liquidity and better pricing to its customers while TradAir will benefit from interfacing with a new powerful exchange geared to the trading and investing community.”

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