Hong Kong Brokers Select Fidessa for Shenzhen Connect

  • Trading Systems
  • 07.12.2016 10:15 am

Fidessa group plc has today announced that seventeen Hong Kong-based brokers have been using Fidessa for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect link since it went live on 5th December.

Eva Fu, Product Marketing Manager at Fidessa, said the uptake of Fidessa’s Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect solution had been rapid due to the success of its Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect solution in 2014.

"Our clients are confident that we can deliver on day one as we did with Connect between Shanghai and Hong Kong two years ago," she said. "There’s an understanding that Shenzhen Connect is a must-have, and high expectations about the potential to trade small-cap, mid-cap and 'innovation' stocks."

The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect will allow international investors to trade 881 Shenzhen listed stocks through Hong Kong brokers and clear through local infrastructure. It will also allow mainland China-based investors to trade 417 Hong Kong stocks through local brokers there.

"Connecting to Shenzhen is a natural step, particularly for those already connected to Shanghai," Ms Fu added. "The two Connect programs are accessible through the same channel, and we will provide algorithmic capabilities geared to the shape of the Shenzhen market."

With around 50 clients using its platform in the region, Fidessa has become the primary vendor of choice in a service space which requires discipline, industry knowledge and fully resilient infrastructure. In addition to quality of service, the platform offers a wide range of features including FIX order capture, monitoring of client order performance, IOIs, pairs, algorithmic trading, basket trading, internalisation, pre- and post-trade risk management, trade analytics and charting.

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