Full of New Features and Ready to Work: B2Core Multifunctional System from B2Broker Gets New REST API v2.1 Update

  • Trading Systems
  • 27.10.2022 05:10 pm

In an effort to help brokerages and exchanges get the most out of its B2Core REST API, B2Broker has launched the release of its latest version v2.1. The API provides new methods for managing users, verifying KYC, and creating currency wallets for back-office and front-office operations. By doing so, brokers will be able to gain more flexibility and control over their operations, as well as provide their customers with a more enjoyable and exciting experience. 

Back-Office API

There has been an extension made to the back-office API so that more user information can be retrieved. Using the API, users can now be identified based on their type (individual or corporate), their phone number, address, as well as their device parameters (IP address of the device,  time zone, operating system, browser, etc.). With this change, organizations will have a better understanding of their clients and will be able to target their marketing efforts more effectively. As well as being useful for customer service and fraud prevention purposes, the new data will serve as a valuable resource. As a result of the increased insight into the behavior of clients, all B2Core users will be able to get a better service.



As part of the team's work, we added methods for the back-office user management, such as creating, updating, and deleting users. As a result, brokers who require the management of their back-office users will have more options and convenience, as well as better control over their user base. Further, by using these methods, it will be able to control the data being stored in the back-office and delete user accounts that aren't needed anymore.

It is now possible to obtain the current exchange rates from the new Rest API by using the new methods provided. In a matter of seconds, you can obtain the rates of multiple currencies using these methods. Users can also make confident and informed financial decisions based on the accurate and reliable information provided by the API.  

In the new REST API update, the KYC methods are a major highlight of the current update. As a result of these methods, B2Core's verification functionality, including front- and back-end functionality, is easier to handle than ever before. In addition to fully customizing verification documents and verification levels, admin users can also control the general verification of end-users using these new KYC methods. 

Front-Office API

Due to API technology, it is now possible for front-office users to create currency wallets according to their needs. A new world of possibilities opens up for these users in terms of how they interact with the platform with the advent of this exciting development. Their funds may now be securely stored and managed by creating wallets for various currencies. Moreover, the API allows users to create multiple wallets per user, giving them a greater level of control over their finances.


This new release of B2Core API v2.1 is a great achievement for the B2Broker team! The team of developers has worked hard to pack in a number of new features and improvements into this update in order to provide clients with an even better experience. B2Broker is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and will continue enhancing B2Core solutions to meet the demanding requirements of your business.

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