DekaBank Prolongs Contract with icubic AG

  • Trading Systems , Banking
  • 13.04.2016 02:45 pm

DekaBank has extended their contract with icubic AG for another three years. For over eight years, DekaBank has been using software produced by icubic for the settlement of electronically traded fixed income bonds. The use of a reliable trading system and integrated gateways enables the bank to quote and trade the best possible market prices with the lowest level of latency. With iQbonds and iConnect, DekaBank utilises two icubic AG trading software solutions for the fixed income sector.

icubic is well-prepared for a further expansion of the current system landscape. The IT specialist offers software components for additional asset classes and connections to numerous electronic markets. Furthermore, icubic also offers iMarket, a solution for trading on D2C platforms with integrated CRM systems, iSettle, an STP settlement connection as well as other applications required for electronic trading.  

icubic’s Chairman of the Board, Dietmar Jakal, explains: “Especially on electronic trading markets, a high-performance and extremely stable operation of all systems is one of the crucial, if not the most decisive success factors in providing market participants with the best prices. At the same time, reliability and stability also form the foundation of a cooperative partnership.  We are very pleased to continue to support DekaBank in their successful electronic bond trading endeavours.”

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