Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund ARK36 Launches Algorithmic Machine Learning Trading Software

  • Trading Systems
  • 17.05.2023 09:50 am

ARK36, the Cyprus-based leading alternative investment digital asset fund, has announced today the launch of a unique, proprietary machine learning-based trading software system, to improve the way its portfolio management team can navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. The new software will leverage advanced algorithms to enable ARK36’s traders to make more informed decisions, navigate market challenges and optimise their trading strategies with precision and confidence. The software will access updated cryptocurrency price information every second and through the recent many months of intensive development work,  back-tests and live-tests will predict price movements of specific crypto assets and complete either short or long-positions or not trade dependent on the market developments. It can make investment decisions within 1 minute for complex investments or 1 second for simple tasks.

A key element of the software is Advanced Algorithmic Trading, utilising sophisticated algorithms to analyse vast amounts of market data, identify patterns, trends, and opportunities in real-time, allowing swift execution and maximum profit. This algorithm uses machine learning to continuously learn and adapt to market conditions, improving its decision-making capabilities over time. An intuitive, user-friendly interface simplifies the trading process, enabling users to easily customise strategies and monitor performance. Built-in risk management and portfolio optimization features help ARK36’s traders to mitigate potential risks, while other tools include price alerts, technical indicators, and technical updates. In testing, the software displayed an average monthly +10% increase in performance gains over 12 months. Tests also proved the effectiveness of the software’s risk mitigation and wealth preservation systems, designed for investors who prefer to have stable, smaller returns.

ARK36’s team developing and maintaining the new software includes Mikkel Morch, Chairman and Non-Executive Director of ARK36, and Dr. Mark Moore, Senior Developer and Chief Executive Officer at Atlantic Alpha Strategies LLC, an absolute return hedge fund and a development company in machine learning technology. Mikkel Morch’s role is to ensure the effective use of different forces and competencies within and outside of the fund and that the software company is put to optimal use, and to secure financing for the development of the technology.

Dr. Mark Moore is well-known in the investment industry for co-founding Trendlogic Associates, Inc., a registered Commodity Trading Advisor. He served as a board member at numerous well-known companies, including the large international hedge fund Millennium Partners, LP and Health Discovery Corporation. Dr. Moore is at the core of the technical development team and will coordinate the technical efforts with the rest of the Board and other developers from ARK36’s team.

Mikkel Morch, Chairman and Non-Executive Director at ARK36, commented: "We are proud to introduce our algorithmic trading system, a state-of-the-art machine learning trading software system that empowers our traders in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. Our mission is to level the playing field by providing our traders with cutting-edge tool that harnesses the power of data and technology. Our algo aims to bring even higher levels of efficiency, accuracy, and profitability to our cryptocurrency trading."

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