Centroid Technology Now a Part of B2Broker's Turnkey Brokerage Solutions

  • Trading Systems
  • 16.11.2022 12:25 pm

Centroid technology has been added to the turnkey broker packages of B2Broker, a leading provider of liquidity and technology. The company continues to strive to provide its clients with the most cutting-edge management tools and to structure its liquidity offering utilizing the best technology available. From now on, clients can take advantage of Centroid's multi-asset connection and order execution engine, real-time risk management system, and low-latency trading infrastructure with its multi-asset connections and order execution engines.

B2Broker provides clients with the following key advantages through Centroid's technology:

  • Centroid Technology client’s margin account. Make use of B2Broker's superior liquidity offering to trade over 1000+ assets (all listed here) spanning seven different classes. All trading flows are directed to a single margin account.

  • Brokers' access to cutting-edge risk management tools. When clients open margin accounts using Centroid technology with B2Broker, they are given access to Centroid's analytics tools, which enable them to remain on top of the market continuously by monitoring their exposure in real-time, conducting client analysis, identifying arbitrage and other aggressive trading activity, setting alerts for risk, etc.

  • Better tools for managing liquidity. B2Broker maintains its position as a leading source of liquidity by using Centroid's connectivity bridge engine, which offers liquidity aggregation, cutting-edge execution and pricing models, and adjustable settings and controls.

  • Integrate natively with all major trading platforms. The current top trading platforms that Centroid is linked with include MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, and many more. FIX, the Web, and other bridge connectivity types are supported, among a wide variety of other APIs.

The CEO of Centroid Solutions, Cristian Vlasceanu, commented on the recent partnership and integration with B2Broker: “We are excited to partner and offer our solutions to B2Broker, a true market leader, as we share the same desire to continue to innovate, push boundaries and offer the best technology and solutions for customers. It is refreshing to see this, and we are happy that we can help their clients succeed. Through their powerful setup, brokers can benefit from the wide range of multi-asset products, offered by B2Broker, and make use of Centroid’s connectivity bridge and risk management solutions, which together will give a competitive edge.”

B2Broker's CEO, Arthur Azizov, remarked: “We believe that all our clients, including brokers, hedge funds, prop trading firms, liquidity providers, PoP LPs, exchanges, and market makers ought to have access to the best technology available in the market. Centroid has proven its capabilities and gained popularity among many financial institutions. We are delighted to partner with Centroid Solutions as a venue of choice in order to distribute tier 1 liquidity including the number one Crypto CFD offer to all of our clients, whether you are a starting business or a matured operation.

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