Surecomp Successfully Conducted E-Banking and Front Office 2020 Event

  • Trade Finance
  • 22.06.2017 09:45 am

Surecomp®, a leading provider of global trade solutions for banks and corporates, concluded today a comprehensive event which attracted over twenty attendees from fifteen leading European banks and corporate clients.

The program was entitled ‘E-Banking and Front Office 2020’ and took place in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany’s financial center. ‘E-Banking and Front Office 2020’ was a full day event, exclusively geared towards Surecomp clients. “The goal of today’s symposium was two-fold”, said Mr. Jochen Oberlander, General Manager of Surecomp, Germany. “We wanted to bolster the conversation between our customers and to let them know what to expect from Surecomp in the coming years.”

Guests left Frankfurt knowing that their input is valued. Attendees heard from Surecomp team-members and clients alike, providing perspective from both sides of the product-line. In addition to formal presentations, 'E-Banking and Front Office 2020' provided a platform for dialogue between the banks and their corporate customers. Being that both the banks and corporates are clients, Surecomp is uniquely positioned to facilitate that conversation. Guests relished in the opportunity to interact with each other and engage in a direct line of communication with their trade finance solution provider.

“It is important for banks and corporates to know what each other are looking for,” said Mr. Ernst Berger of ABB in Zurich, one of the participants. “Different banks have varied outlooks on subjects like SaaS and cloud computing,” he continued. “We found it valuable to sit with Surecomp, other corporates and the banks to gain additional insights.” The jam-packed day featured six informative sessions. Much of the agenda focused on trends in trade finance with a vision towards 2020. Highlights also included in-depth discussions about e-banking, blockchain and analysis regarding how the banking world is becoming more digital.

“While much of the global banking industry is still paper driven, the rest of the world is trending away from that,” said Oberlander. “It’s vital for our customers to know that thirty years of experience makes us uniquely prepared for tomorrow’s emerging world of trade finance”. Surecomp has several more one-day client events planned for Europe and Asia which are scheduled to take place over the next six months.

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