'AirPod' aims to revolutionise travellers airport experience

  • Technical
  • 01.06.2018 11:50 am

AirPod, the cutting-edge airport sleeping pod, today announces the launch of its beta prototype, in preparation for the first commercial trial to be implemented in EU airports in autumn 2018.

AirPod is a private capsule-like unit designed to be installed in public locations such as airports, hotels, train and bus stations or shopping centres. This comes as a solution for people seeking a private area to relax, sleep or work without having to leave the airport. In order to provide comfort and enhance user experience, the AirPod encompasses features such as an ergonomically designed seat that converts into a bed, free high-speed WiFi, air conditioning & air purifiers, power sockets (USB/electricity), luggage and personal belongings storage and information about flight status.

Recently presented at the Crypto conference in Belgrade, Serbia, AirPod will be privately funded until it is ready for crowd sale (ICO - Initial coin offering). Currently in its last phase of development, blueprints for beta prototype are underway, with plans firmed up for a commercial trial to begin in autumn 2018 at EU airports, thanks to a global distributer that enables access to a global network of airports.

Pioneering a new business model, the AirPod uses blockchain technology, having established its own cryptocurrency called APOD. Purchasing an APOD or APOD token will make an individual eligible for profit sharing created by AirPod unit, giving token holders the opportunity for earning stable passive crypto-income.

AirPod was inspired by personal experience while travelling by Slovenian business men Mihael Meolic (COO) and Grega Mrgole (CEO), who identified a need for a convenient way to maximise comfort for those transiting through airport terminals. Grega Mrgole, CEO, thinks that “AirPod’s vision is to improve travel experience overall and additionally to offer those interested in the business the opportunity to earn passive crypto-income.”

Research shows that there are 667 million passengers worldwide every year, with transit and transfer passengers representing 10% of that majority and 2% of these facing delayed or cancelled flights. AirPod sleeping pods aim to fulfill travellers’ need for a comfortable airport experience, with a study conducted by Skyscanner reporting that 36% of respondents see a need for sleeping pods at airports. Additionally, a survey conducted by sleepingairport.netrevealed that over 90% of passengers would pay for a sleeping pod at an affordable price.

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