Turkcell's EVP & CFO to Deliver a Keynote Talent Show by Treasury Peer

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • 10.03.2016 12:00 pm

The Advisory Board supports the Corporate Financial Supply Chain Innovations Event in Greater Copenhagen April 26-27, 2016.

Magnus Lind, founder of Treasury Peer and co-founder of The Talent Show: “For the second year in a row, Murat Erden has been named among the top 50 globally in telecoms. It’s no surprise when you listen to what he has done and continues to do at Turkcell. Murat’s key note at The Talent Show, April 26-27, in Greater Copenhagen, describes how his CFO office grows the business on the back of the huge transformation in financial services. I’ve had the opportunity to follow his career and work  since he was Turkcell’s treasurer in our Treasury Peer meetings. I’m very glad to have him on-board.

The Talent Show is a corporate driven event, focusing on “supply chain finance” in a corporate context (as opposed to a bank perspective). The Show focuses on the whole ”Corporate Financial Supply Chain” (CFSC) and how it links to the physical chain. The CFSC must become much more efficient and learn from lean six sigma etc. The Talent Show has an audience that consists of CFO and CPO offices, supply chain, treasurers, IT and similar roles in the largest companies. When we learn to master the CSFC we will be able to build our business, add revenue streams and competitiveness.

Murat Dogan Erden adds“At Turkcell, We embrace game changers and see them as opportunities to continuously grow our customer offerings and become even more competitive. An especially interesting area to focus on is financing. We can complement the financial markets and provide very cost efficient distribution and control with new technology. Both the telecommunications landscape and consumer needs change constantly, and finance divisions need to be involved and innovative to meet the challenge. This is exactly what Turkcell is doing - we develop our business from that position.”

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