Gerard Chick to Deliver End Note at Corporate Financial Supply Chain Innovations Event

  • Supply Chain Finance
  • 16.03.2016 09:00 am

Gerard Chick, will deliver the End Note presentation at the Corporate Financial Supply Chain Innovations Event in Greater Copenhagen April 26-27, 2016.

Gerard Chick is an award winning author, speaker, advisor, content developer and thought leader in Procurement & Supply Management.

Gerard Chick: “As Procurement gets ‘financial’, CPOs will continue to focus on physical supply chains, but they will need to develop their financial fluency as they become more deeply linked to financial supply chains. Their ability to optimise cash flow and working capital, as well implement dynamic discounting and supply chain finance will become imperative!”

The Talent Show is a corporate driven event focusing on “supply chain finance” from the perspective of the commercial enterprise (rather than that of a bank). The Show’s prime driver is to understand the needs of the “Corporate Financial Supply Chain” (CFSC) and how it relates to the physical Supply Chain. CFSC’s must become much more efficient and agile and draw inspiration from other contemporary practice such as Lean and 6Σ.

The Talent Show’s target audience consists of CFOs, CPOs and other CXOs with an interest in supply chain, finance/treasury, IT and analogous roles from the corporate sector. Mastery of the CFSC is imperative if we are to develop our business, revenue streams and create competitive advantage.

Magnus Lind, founder of Treasury Peer and co-founder of The Talent Show“Gerard’s sharp mind and abilities to synthesize together with his communication skills will provide us deep insights and make us reflect on the disruption in the financial supply chain. Gerard brings groundbreaking knowledge around the current changes in procurement and business in general. We are very happy to have him onboard and hear his end note at The Talent Show.”

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