ZoneFox Unveils 4.0 Product to Improve Speed, Power, and Regulation Compliance

  • Security
  • 09.04.2018 08:36 am

 ZoneFox, the world-class security platform that effectively combats the growing issue of insider threats to businesses through user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) and machine learning, has today announced the release of ZoneFox 4.0. This new release delivers better risk management and enriched insights, further time savings and improved scalability.

The ZoneFox solution monitors user behaviour and data movement both on-and-off-network, alerting companies to any malicious or anomalous behaviour. This is achieved through the use of intelligent machine learning technology to provide 360-degree visibility across the network, providing a clear system to combat the insider threat.

This major update to the existing ZoneFox product combines alerts into one easy to understand user experience, providing simplified access to both Policy and AI-based alerts. These alerts can also be filtered by specific regulations such as the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), allowing businesses a clear overview of problem points that they need to address at a time where regulation is front of mind for many. Combined with the ability to collate data into long-form investigations and a vastly improved search capability, ZoneFox 4.0 gives companies an even more powerful tool to combat compliance and security threats.

Previously, out-of-policy and AI-generated alerts (anomalous activity) were kept separate. But now, both of these are combined in a new interface, allowing for a deeper level of analysis and richer insights. Investigations in 4.0 replace the previous case functionality and have been enhanced through the ability to add AI-based alerts alongside policy-driven alerts, allowing a more comprehensive evidence set to be compiled rather than just isolated incidents.

Along with the new UI and greater clarity around events, threat hunting has also been greatly enhanced. The clarity and performance of the function has been overhauled, allowing sub-second search times across millions of generated events. A more fine-tuned method of searching data also allows customers to create focused and more targeted searches, allowing deeper data access and analysis in a far shorter time frame.

With policy providing much of the impetus for companies to engage with UEBA and similar technologies, the way in which these are now used has also changed. ‘Rules’ have been replaced by ‘policies’ that can be tied explicitly to regulatory frameworks, allowing a company to, for example, filter all events that may have fallen foul of GDPR – hugely beneficial for companies striving for compliance with specific regulations.

Dr. Jamie Graves, CEO & Founder at ZoneFox, says: “ZoneFox 4.0 has been born from listening intently to what our customer base wants; a clear user experience and interface, information collated rather than siloed and the tools to create policy and search that is both powerful and fast. The result? Our customers get the best available solution for their business.”

The release of ZoneFox 4.0 follows recent announcements of Hosted ZoneFox, the compliance dashboard-focused ZoneFox 3.3 and the company’s recent expansion into London.

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