Sensory's Advanced Solution Gets IQ Boost and Broader Mobile OS Support

Sensory's Advanced Solution Gets IQ Boost and Broader Mobile OS Support
18.05.2017 08:15 am

Sensory's Advanced Solution Gets IQ Boost and Broader Mobile OS Support


Sensory, a leader in speech and vision technologies that enhance the user experience and security of consumer electronics, today announced the second major update to TrulySecure, its FIDO Certified multimodal biometric authentication technology. TrulySecure quickly, conveniently and securely recognizes enrolled users through a fusion of face and voice biometric recognition technologies in less than a second, and differentiates individuals at a 99.999% accuracy rate – all without requiring any costly and space consuming biometric scanners. 

"As security technologies continue to evolve, so will identity thieves. We continually improve the security and accuracy offered by TrulySecure to ensure that users are presented with a consistently better user experience, and that their apps and data are safe from prying eyes. In the latest release of TrulySecure, we have updated our deep learning convolutional neural nets to improve accuracy more than 50% and substantially decrease the ability to spoof with photos or videos," said Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory. 

Version three of TrulySecure expands on Sensory's market-proven fusion of face and voice biometrics recognition by improving recognition of enrolled users, especially in challenging scenarios. Where other face biometric recognition solutions require a reduction in user security to compensate for the false rejects associated with not recognizing users while wearing things like glasses,

Sensory took a different approach and upgraded TrulySecure's already industry-leading embedded deep learning algorithms to better recognize users when a small part of the user's face is obstructed by wearable accessories. On their own, Sensory's face and voice biometric recognition solutions each offer excellent security. However, by combining the two biometric recognition technologies into one security solution, TrulySecure makes it nearly impossible for an imposter to gain access to a protected device or app.

Further boosting the security offered by TrulySecure, Sensory has improved its liveness detection algorithms, nearly eliminating the chances of somebody fooling the facial recognition algorithms with photos or video of the enrolled user – a concern also eliminated by requiring both the user's face and voice be authenticated.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, including banking, enterprise, mobile payment, password manager and retail apps, TrulySecure now has SDKs and FIDO-compliant authentication solutions for both Android and iOS, allowing developers to offer the same elegant user authentication experience across today's most popular mobile devices. Sensory has ported its market-proven and highly-rated AppLock app UX into the TrulySecure SDK for Android and iOS devices, offering a streamlined reference UI for customers to use as-is or modify for use within their own apps. Additionally, with the latest TrulySecure SDK, Android applications can now take advantage of the added layer of security offered by Android Key Store encryption to further protect the biometric data while not in use by the system.

According to Parks Associates, 76% of broadband households express high levels of concern about security and privacy issues when using any of their connected devices.  "Consumer confidence in the value of IoT devices and services is significantly influenced by security concerns," said Brad Russell, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. "Multi-sensor biometric security technologies are advancing with the help of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. Technologies like TrulySecure, that can merge face and voice data for user authentication while reducing false rejects and minimizing exposure to the cloud, will be positioned well to replace less reliable methods." 

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