NopSec Rolls Out the World's First Automated Security Controls Measurement and Risk Remediation Solution

  • Security
  • 22.05.2017 09:30 am

NopSec, a world leader in cybersecurity controls measurement and risk remediation, today releases E3 Engine, the only validated security analysis technology that enables governments, enterprises, and mid-size organizations to evaluate its unique threat data, actively explore and assess the effectiveness of its mitigating controls, and enrich its remediation prioritization information.

By codifying decades of penetration testing knowledge and machine learning automation, NopSec created the most advanced cybersecurity analysis technology featuring:

  • 30+ Unique Threat Data Feeds 
  • Validated Security Analytics 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Active and Passive Exploit Checking 
  • Social Media and Dark Web Threat Intelligence 
  • Precision Risk Scoring
With E3 Engine, organizations now have the ability to safely and actively exploit their vulnerabilities in between penetration tests, adding a layer of security control validation and risk remediation to their IT environments. It is also capable of escalating exploit-obtained privileges across the network to move laterally and eventually to an entire domain compromise.

"Real world motivated attackers do not use vulnerability scanners to decide which targets to tackle first," says NopSec CTO, Michelangelo Sidagni. "They use a combination of port scanning and expert experience to judge misconfiguration and vulnerabilities correlated to exploitation techniques. The real proof of vulnerability presence and lack of mitigating controls is the actual successful exploitation, privilege escalation, credential compromise, and domain compromise."


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