New LastPass Benchmark Report Finds Nearly 50 Percent of Businesses Have Yet to Take Control of Password Security

  • Security
  • 02.10.2018 08:43 am

LastPass by LogMeIn, a leader in password management, today released the first annual, 2018 Global Password Security Report,” revealing true password behaviours in the workplace and creating a benchmark that businesses can use to measure progress when investing in password security tools. The global report, which analysed anonymised data in over 43,000 companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies using LastPass as their business password manager, draws a precise picture of password management for the business IT community. Two benchmark scores are highlighted in the report: The LastPass Security Score and the LastPass Password Strength Score.

Data from the report reveals that while businesses are making strides in strengthening password security, there’s more work to be done –with the average password security score of organisations found to be 52 out of 100. 

“Security professionals often fail to consider the value of the first factor of enterprise authentication— the password. Despite the sophisticated security measures enterprises are putting in place, something as fundamentally simple as a password is tripping them up,” said Frank Dickson, Research Vice President, Security Products at IDC. “Having a security benchmark such as what LastPass has provided with this report will help enterprises quantify their password risk, compare how they stack up to enterprises of similar size, and gauge the effectiveness of their enterprise password management deployment.”

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