Integris Software Releases Data Privacy Dictionary to Improve Global Data Privacy and Compliance

  • Security , Data Protection
  • 30.01.2020 09:22 am

Today, on National Data Privacy Day, Integris Software introduces its Data Privacy Dictionary, a new tool to help data privacy, data governance and data protection professionals have a common lexicon to improve their communication and privacy management programs.

Organizations face a variety of new challenges with shifting regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as one example. With the expanding definition of personal information (PI) and the increase of data combinations that can become toxic in a data breach, businesses need a tool to understand the terminology of privacy regulations and help them find more information on these laws. The Integris Data Privacy Dictionary was built as a resource for these challenges and to create a better understanding of global data privacy regulations and terms.

“The global data privacy landscape has become increasingly complex and requires a new resource to aid understanding for data practitioners and consumers alike,” said Kristina Bergman, CEO and founder of Integris Software. “By releasing the Integris Data Privacy Dictionary, we will help businesses better understand data privacy terms and regulations to improve operations and compliance. The tool will also help consumers learn about their data rights.”

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