IBM Mobile First & SecuredTouch Offer Integrated Solution for Frictionless Authentication

  • Security , Authentication Technology
  • 09.05.2017 12:30 pm

 SecuredTouch behavioral biometric technology is now a primary authentication option in IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation. 

IBM MobileFirst Foundation provides simple, scalable, time-tested enterprise mobile middleware, deployable on premises or on the cloud. SecuredTouch is a pioneer in behavioral biometrics for mobile, providing continuous and frictionless authentication based on the analysis of human-device interaction. 

SecuredTouch technology provides a strong, risk-based, user-centric security check that keeps customers engaged, automatically delivering complete security and privacy while remaining completely transparent to the user, eliminating hassle, registration, and education. The integration allows IBM customers to implement behavioral biometrics directly into their apps without any additional steps.

Using more than 100+ behavioral parameters, SecuredTouch analyzes how each person uses his mobile device, combining angle, pressure, speed, size, and patterns to continuously authenticate users. 

The technology enhances the digital experience, reducing friction caused by using passwords and tokens and increases functionality by enabling more transactions in the mobile channel, reducing false positives.

Automated brute force attacks, account takeover, malware, and targeted attacks bear very strong “digital” behavioral characteristics. SecuredTouch immediately recognizes non-human behavior, catching and stopping suspicious activity before fraud occurs.

SecuredTouch’s authentication is applicable for multiple use cases, from transparent second factor authentication in financial applications to ensuring enterprise security by preventing unauthorized users from accessing corporate apps.  

“SecuredTouch gives IBM MobileFirst users a competitive advantage, allowing them to reduce the friction caused by passwords and other security checks without compromising security,” says Yair Finzi, SecuredTouch CEO. “Both the company and end user benefit.”

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