Here's the Solution to the EPA Time Theft Crisis

  • Security
  • 09.04.2018 09:52 am

With recent allegations of employee time and attendance fraud at the Environmental Protection Agency, which so far has resulted in the resignation of one person, a simple solution may have prevented the problem to begin with. The solution: a biometric time clock

This is a device that will accurately identify an individual to ensure that they are physically present and that they are who they say they are. 

Biometric Time Clock Systems, a Long Island New York based company, specializes in this very technology. Will Horan, founder and president, has been implementing these systems for over 18 years. 

They sell two types of devices. One works by verifying hand geometry and the other through facial recognition. The devices are highly accurate and very reliable. The clocks integrate with a software package that collects the data from the unit and then adds up all the hours. The software can even export the data to a payroll service bureau or a third-party accounting software like QuickBooks. 

When employees of a company commit time theft, they are stealing from the owners. When an employee of a government agency commits time theft, they are stealing from the American taxpayer. 

The biometric time clock can also work in the employee's favor. For example, if an employee of the EPA feels that they are being falsely accused and targeted because of their climate-change denial policies then the system can provide the proof that they were in fact on premise when they should have been. 

"The evidence produced and documented by a biometric time clock system would be incontrovertible and cannot be denied, unlike the incontrovertible evidence of global warming that is denied," Horan says. 


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