Gemalto Wins ICMA Élan Award in Card Manufacturing Excellence

  • Security
  • 24.05.2017 10:45 am

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has received the Élan Award for Card Manufacturing Excellence for its newly implemented Maryland's driver's license and identification card. The award, presented by the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), honors innovative card manufacturers, personalizers, issuers and suppliers that support a commitment to design quality, technical innovation and the future of the global card industry. 

The importance of a secure driver's license in the United States
Serving as a de facto ID document for many Americans, the driver's license can be used in many states to buy firearms, open a bank account or travel on domestic flights. Therefore, states require a solution that is secure, reliable and affordable while also tailored to meet individual state requirements. 

In identity documents, polycarbonate makes it possible to incorporate a significant number of additional security features inside the document similar in effect to watermarks on bank notes. A polycarbonate identity document is created by fusing together multiple layers of polycarbonate in a glue-free process, using temperature and pressure to ensure the upmost security and a 10-year card life. 

Security features are even more necessary to provide a seamless and protected experience since the passing of the REAL ID Act in 2016. For example, starting in January 22, 2018, citizens with a state driver's license not yet compliant will need to show an alternative form of identification for domestic air travel. Luckily, Maryland citizens won't need to worry. The star in the upper left-hand corner of their card proves REAL ID compliance and will allow then to use their driver's licenses or identification cards as usual. 

Executive Comments:
"We are very proud of the Élan Award in Card Manufacturing Excellence recognition of the high level of security we are providing to Maryland residents through our driver's license and identification cards.  We appreciate our working relationship with Gemalto in this important service for all Maryland residents."

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