First State Bank of Rice Secures Data and Customer Trust with ZixCorp’s Full Suite of Email Data Protection Solutions

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  • 25.08.2015 01:00 am

 Zix Corporation (ZixCorp), (Nasdaq: ZIXI), a leader in email data protection, announced that First State Bank of Rice (FSB) implemented its email encryption, email data loss prevention (DLP) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution ZixOne® to secure financial and other sensitive data in email. Working with managed service provider Unicom Technologies Inc., FSB enhanced its security program and selected Zix® Email Data Protection to exceed industry best practices and protect the trust of its customers.

“Investing in cybersecurity is becoming a way of life for any business but particularly so for banks which have an abundance of valuable personal data, such as financial data, tax identification numbers and Social Security numbers,” saidMichael J. Montgomery, President & CEO of FSB. “Our expertise is banking. Our clients trust us to take care of their financial needs, but they also rely on us to protect their privacy. To stay ahead of evolving security challenges, we depend on experts in IT and leaders in security to guide our data protection strategy.”

To secure emails exchanged outside FSB, all employees use ZixGateway®, a policy-based email encryption solution. ZixGateway scans all outbound email and, if it detects any sensitive data, automatically encrypts the email. Automatic encryption provides reassurance to FSB and relieves employees of the hassle of determining when to invoke encryption. It also removes employee stress of accidentally sending sensitive data without encryption.

FSB uses ZixDLPTM to prevent employees from accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient or exchanging the wrong file. Using policy and quarantine filters, ZixDLP automatically protects FSB from leaking customer information and other sensitive data that should not leave its network in email.

“Our employees live in the communities we serve. They understand the importance of data security, but mistakes happen. Automatic encryption and DLP make sure that nothing sensitive falls through the cracks. Our employees love it and so does our board of directors,” said Montgomery. “They also appreciate the security provided by ZixOne as more business is conducted outside the office and on personal mobile devices.”

Unicom Technologies Inc. works with FSB to identify IT and security enhancements, implement leading solutions and plan an evolving security strategy that meets changing business needs. ZixOne addressed FSB’s increasing use of mobile devices by enabling easy, secure access to corporate email on employee mobile devices without jeopardizing customer data or employee control or privacy.

“Managed service providers like Unicom Technologies are critical resources for community banks that want to invest in innovative security but don’t have a large IT team to depend on for knowledge about the latest threats and solutions,” saidRick Spurr, ZixCorp’s Chief Executive Officer. “Managing BYOD devices is certainly a top, if not the top, challenge for business today, and the approach of ZixOne delivers a convenient solution for employees with the greatest data security for their companies.”

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