Eze Castle Integration Expands Cybersecurity Planning and Information Security Consulting Service to Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Security
  • 03.08.2015 01:00 am

 Eze Castle Integration, a leading provider of strategic IT solutions and private cloud services to the investment industry, today announced it has expanded its Information Security Consulting Service to Hong Kong and Singapore. Eze Castle Integration's security consultants provide development and audit services for Written Information Security Policies (WISP), enabling clients to address the administrative and technical safeguards necessary to withstand a cybersecurity incident.

The financial industry is facing mounting cybersecurity threats while regulators are calling for higher levels of preparedness. Eze Written Information Security Services are provided by Eze Castle's security and compliance consultants who follow a proven methodology from assessment and analysis to implementation and maintenance. Key elements include:

- Conducting Operational and Technical Risk Assessments;
- Creating Administrative and Technical Security Policies and Procedures; and
- Establishing Employee Training and Documentation Maintenance Programs.

"Cybersecurity threats are challenging financial firms at a global level, and preparing for a wide range of incidents is essential to minimise risk. Delivering our Information Security Consulting Services in Hong Kong and Singapore helps ensure our clients are covered around the world and have access to our seasoned security team," said Bob Guilbert, managing director, Eze Castle Integration.

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