EverSec Group Selects Covertix for Data-Centric Security

  • Security , Data Protection
  • 19.12.2016 05:00 pm

EverSec, a leading cybersecurity advisory group, has chosen Covertix technology to protect its customers’ information.

Covertix technology provides full information protection for secure collaboration and data security. It discovers corporate IP no matter its location – onsite, cloud, device, or partners’ networks, while dynamic, automatic, and manual context-driven classification protects information and access in real time.

EverSec Group is the trusted security advisor to over 200 clients, including CISOs many the world’s largest brand names. EverSec supports the network/infrastructure security, cyber, IR, infosec, and security operations center teams across those customers, to ensure their targeted environments are kept safe. 

“Covertix technology complements our solution recommendations,” says Stephen Harrison, CEO of EverSec. “Our main role is to protect our customers’ data, and Covertix helps make it happen, wherever that data resides.”

The Covertix solution delivers complete visibility, monitoring who did what, when, where, and how to corporate information, as it travels. It fortifies information access control with complete confidence, ensuring only the data owner determines who holds the key. The full reporting capabilities demonstrate compliance to myriad regulatory requirements.

“Partnering with EverSec strengthens our long-time U.S. presence by providing another channel of implementation and support,” says Yoran Sirkis, Covertix CEO. “EverSec and Covertix will be working together to strengthen data protection, which is especially critical as not only threats increase but also as the regulatory environment focuses more strongly on security, as reflected in the discussions about the potential new rules in New York, as well as in the EU with GDPR.”

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