Artilium Selects Mitek’s Identity Solutions

  • Security , Infrastructure
  • 29.03.2017 01:00 pm

MITK, (, a global leader in mobile capture and identity verification software solutions and Artilium, a leading MVNO/MVNE solution provider in Europe, announced today that the companies have closed a preferred partnership to offer identity solutions to the telecom market. Artilium has integrated Mitek’s identity solutions to streamline the consumer registration process for prepaid mobile phone SIM cards to meet the European legal requirements.

“Although some European citizens have electronic IDs, the clear majority still prefer to use their traditional, physical ID documents,” said Kristof Van de Putte, Business Unit Manager, Artilium. “New anti-terrorism laws forbid anonymous prepaid mobile phones, and many of our telecom customers are concerned about losing customers if the registration process is too cumbersome. Mitek offers an elegant solution that makes the registration process incredibly simple for consumers, enabling them to use their physical documents for digital registration and ID verification.”

As a MVNO/MVNE solution provider, Artilium introduced the Know Your Customer (KYC) solution for secure and easy identification and authentication of mobile prepaid customers. Mitek’s identity products simplify the process consumers must undertake to register a pre-paid mobile phone or SIM card with a telecom services provider. Mitek’s technology expedites the application process with data pre-fill while enabling identity verification for regulatory compliance.   

“Mandatory SIM card registration regulations are a direct response to the use of pre-paid phones to commit acts of terrorism,” saidJames DeBello, Chairman and CEO, Mitek. “Our products enable Artilium to let legitimate customers easily register with mobile services, which is key to their expansion into new markets throughout Europe as more countries pass similar laws for SIM card registration.”

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