Perivan Technology Aspires to Form the Essential Core of All Regulated Financial and Professional Businesses

  • Security and Compliance
  • 05.12.2016 10:30 am

After 12 years, Perivan, formerly part of the Williams Lea Group, is rebranding to consolidate separate business units under one name: Perivan Technology. As Perivan Technology the company is aiming to form the essential core of all regulated financial and professional businesses; its tools currently include cloud software solutions (Software-as-a-Service): Virtualboardroom, DotApprove, and RightSlide.

When chairman, Philip Williams, led the management buyout of Perivan in 2003, he had a clear vision: to create a dynamic new business which could emerge triumphantly from the existing one; at the time, the company’s core business was still focused on financial printing services. 

Williams comments: “Like my great-grandfather, who drove Williams Lea, ambition is in my blood. I want Perivan Technology to be the market leader in compliant, secure document management. Compliance is already at the heart of these companies, our tools will become vital, enabling them to exercise complete compliance control. We’re not shy of our ambitions; ultimately we would like to build software that automates all possible business processes.”

Perivan Technology creates cloud software solutions that help boardrooms, marketing, compliance and governance teams in the financial and professional services sectors manage the increasing flow of documentation they are tasked with handling every day. A separate division will continue to offer financial printing and design services.

Managing Director, Nicholas Roi says: “I cannot stress enough how this rebrand marks a change in the very essence of Perivan Technology. We have a crystal-clear focus of our customers’ needs and intend to be at the forefront of innovation from here-on-in.”

As part of this, Perivan Technology is on a mission to seek out and attract a fresh range of business partners. Since its formation in 1937 the company has relied on its strong, returning customer base; these customers have stayed with Perivan having built trust as a partner and because of the company’s integrity and service. Now it wants to go further; while maintaining existing relationships, Perivan wants to use its innovative software and start-up attitude to appeal to businesses, of all sizes, equally ready to embrace change and digital transformation. 

Nicholas Roi, Managing Director, Perivan Technology, says: “Over the last twelve years we’ve been gearing up to this moment, making significant investments in the development of new software and services. From launch, all of Perivan’s services have been created and developed in response to specific challenges faced by clients.  When starting a new client relationship we aim to really get under the skin of that business to get to know, and act on their unique requirements. Once we’ve achieved that, there is minimum effort required on their part. We believe this is absolutely the right way to continue with Perivan Technology; we will be making products that we know first-hand  there is a genuine thirst for within the industry.”

While Perivan Technology has its eyes on future opportunities and innovation, it is determined to not lose the attributes that have made it successful up to this point. It will continue to practice open dialogue with customers, keeping them informed of product developments and asking them for feedback or input into future software development. With 24/7 support its customers can remain confident that their teams are fully supported in the creation, approval and publishing of compliant, on-brand materials.

Roi, finishes: “I’m sure most companies would describe moments like this as ‘exciting’ – for us, it goes beyond that. Today is a pinnacle moment in Perivan Technology’s history. We are setting a pioneering course and making a promise to ourselves and the industry. Digital change is here already or it’s coming: to our clients – to the financial industry – to all businesses. We’re here to embrace it and push it forward.”

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