Netverify Trusted Identity as a Service Helps Auction Platform Saltrex to Meet Compliance Needs

  • Security and Compliance
  • 22.03.2017 11:30 am

Jumio, the creator of Netverify® Trusted Identity as a Service, partners with Saltrex, an international, independent online B2B auction platform for goods and cargo.

Saltrex selected Netverify for its seamless identity verification process and to help meet its Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance requirements.

Saltrex provides a secure, simple, independent and compliant online B2B auction platform for all parties with an interest in secondary, distressed or regular goods and cargo.

In the trading industry, failing to ensure that a customer is who they claim to be can result in multiple legal and compliance issues. Saltrex turned to Jumio after an exhaustive market search, selecting Netverify® Trusted Identity as a Service to satisfy stringent KYC and AML compliant digital identity verification requirements.

To verify identity through Netverify, customers simply need to scan a government-issued ID with a connected smart device. This customer data is then extracted for a comprehensive identity check and either verified as authentic or rejected.

To achieve best-in-class security and compliance, Saltrex is also using Jumio’s Biometric Facial Recognition technology, which allows users to submit a selfie along with their photo ID. The technology can detect even the slightest facial movement, making sure that the selfie is live and valid and that the person who submits the ID is also the owner of it.

Michael Hajdasinski, Director, Saltrex said: “Saltrex is the first commodity auctioning platform that requires very extensive processes for validating someone’s profile. We turned to Jumio because it offered a solution that was both reliable and trustworthy. As one of the fastest-growing online credentials management companies with a track record of helping companies in multiple verticals achieve know-your-customer compliance, we knew they could meet our exacting demands.

“Jumio is helping us build the trust necessary for our business to be a success. Even by using Netverify before our official launch, we are receiving positive feedback from potential business partners. So, we are confident that, upon launch, it will prove both popular and successful.”

Robert Prigge, CRO, Jumio, said: “This is a new industry for us to enter and we are pleased to do so in partnership with such an innovative player. At Jumio we support and nurture innovation and are proud to work with Saltrex as it prepares to go to market with this exciting new venture.”

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