Lombard Risk Launches AgileREPORTER Solution

  • Security and Compliance , Regulatory Standards
  • 07.03.2016 12:15 pm

Lombard Risk Management, a leading provider of collateral management and regulatory reporting solutions for the financial services industry, is pleased to announce the launch of AgileREPORTER, its next generation agile solution for regulatory reporting. Today, the company also unveils its new global identity; one that reflects the agility and competitive advantage the firm brings to its clients, and launches its new website.   

AgileREPORTER sits within Lombard Risk’s current suite of solutions and will ultimately incorporate its existing range of regulatory reporting products. AgileREPORTER paves the way for financial institutions to remodel how they meet complex regulatory reporting requirements by eliminating manual processes and generating added value out of reporting data. 

Global institutions face rising costs from the increasing reporting demands of multiple regulators. Handled within operational silos with manual, duplicative processes, regulatory reporting is expensive and time consuming. AgileREPORTER turns this around by integrating regulatory reporting into the organisation.  It is particularly suited to large firms with complex, multi-jurisdictional reporting, as it simplifies data acquisition, compilation and computation for efficient reporting with minimised cost, maximum speed and the reduced risk of human error.

AgileREPORTER improves straight through processing by automation and provides full data lineage to track reported numbers back to source data.  By not having to reformat source data, time and cost is saved and numbers can be easily validated. AgileREPORTER generates additional value by going beyond simple data reporting to give firms easy access to data which can be used within their control functions and by business lines to manage the key factors that comprise the regulatory ratios.  

Among the new features introduced with AgileREPORTER are a distributed web experience and an enhanced user interface.

Alastair Brown, Lombard Risk’s Chief Executive Officer says: “We are delighted to be launching our AgileREPORTER solution, which will enable financial institutions to think beyond simply gathering and submitting data to meet reporting demands. Firms need a single solution that automates data collation, takes care of report generation for all relevant regulatory bodies and provides a clear line of sight from report to source data. Companies can then refocus on the critical goal of regulation which is to utilise these measures to provide improved insight into and oversight of the key challenges and risks confronting them.

“We are also pleased to announce our rebranding and the launch of our new website. Lombard Risk gives clients the agility they need to gain advantage through intelligent automation and optimisation. As experts in our field, we look beyond today’s demands to keep our clients ahead of the market, and our new identity sums up these aims and the value Lombard Risk delivers.”

Please visit our new website to find out more about our vision and values. You can also read our blog on our new identity.

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