SunTec Business Solutions and Whatfix Join Hands to Drive Quick Adoption of its SaaS Products Among Customers

  • SaaS
  • 06.10.2022 12:55 pm

SunTec Business Solutions, the world’s No. 1 pricing and billing company, today announced the strategic partnership and integration of its products and solutions with Whatfix, the global leader in the digital adoption platforms (DAP) space, to drive quick adoption of its SaaS products among customers and create a seamless and user-friendly onboarding experience for them.

This integration will help SunTec clients globally to drive product adoption, significantly reduce end-user training costs, increase productivity, and improve time-to-value by offering customers digital guidance that is contextual, real-time, and interactive.

Commenting on this partnership, Amit Dua, President at SunTec said, “Quick product adoption is critical for financial institutions to ensure payback on software investments. The integration of Whatfix with our cloud-based platform SunTec Xelerate will enable the smooth adoption of our products on SaaS.  It will ensure a structured and effective customer onboarding process and enhance customer satisfaction. It will truly empower our customers by offering them digital guidance as and when they need it.

Khadim Batti, CEO and Co-founder of Whatfix said, “With this partnership, SunTec can extract the full value from their software products while empowering customers and businesses. SunTec customers will get access to interactive workflows to accelerate onboarding, product analytics for analyzing and continuously improving adoption along with features to integrate with existing learning and knowledge management repositories. We will work closely with SunTec to further refine our category-leading digital adoption (platform) offering for financial services. I believe our product and remarkable customer service will be key differentiators when it comes to Digital Adoption Solutions. ”

This integration will provide banks and financial services firms with a unified digital adoption experience to extract the full value of SunTec products and solutions while also empowering employees and other stakeholders. This integration will transform the customer experience by broad basing the usage of SunTec Xelerate.

The SunTec Xelerate platform helps banks future-proof their technology investments. This integration will help banks migrate faster to the cloud and ensure seamless SaaS deployments.

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