Solgari Unveils User Application Suite

  • SaaS
  • 19.10.2016 07:45 am

Solgari, the global provider of the world’s first complete enterprise cloud business communication software solution, has today announced the launch of the Solgari User Application Suite (SUAS), as part of its modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) communications platform. Providing every cloud telephony and business communication service per user per month, financial services organisations can ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations, while seamlessly switching between audio, video and messaging from a single dashboard.

The platform automatically records and archives all communications, and users are able to retrieve and playback calls effortlessly. Call logs can be searched via date, time, duration, location, participants and keywords. Voice verification also adds a further layer of security around customer identification, and all archived data is encrypted. These features ensure financial services organisations remain compliant with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), as well as the requirements of The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Central Bank and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Furthermore, with MiFID II due to come into effect in 2018, the platform future-proofs organisations and prepares them for upcoming requirements. These include all those involved in trading, who will be required to have all calls recorded and archived for five years.

“Strict regulations have historically prevented the financial services industry from taking full advantage of the cloud,” said Edward Grant, COO at Solgari. “Businesses have found it difficult to juggle innovation and compliance, with employees inevitably finding ways to cut corners that leave the company vulnerable to regulatory fines. However, our cloud business communication software platform is a game changer. Not only do businesses suddenly have all services at their fingertips, but all communications are recorded and stored, enabling them to be retrieved easily if requested by the FCA, for example.

“Financial services organisations can mitigate the risk of ever-increasing penalties for non-compliance, all the while increasing the efficiency of communications internally and to partners and customers,” continued Grant.

The complete platform consists of a number of services, with its modular design enabling organisations to choose the options that suit their requirements. Services and their features can be added or removed as needed, avoiding the issue of large upfront investment in enterprise solutions that soon become a burden to budgets and infrastructure.

The services with enhanced features include:

  • SUAS – able to run Solgari Callview, Reports and Analyser, businesses can easily search and listen to archived calls & video meetings, run PBX and ACD reports, and analyse overall system use. Word and phrase searching capability within archived calls to address compliance and dispute resolution.
  • Solgari Link – enables users to seamlessly integrate voice and video communications capabilities to all the leading CRM and back-office systems in the market, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Bullhorn
  • Solgari Connect – offers browser-based inbound communications from the corporate website through Solgari’s WebRTC. Customer inbound communications are completely free on Wi-Fi and extension numbers can be shared across numerous devices so that users are always within contact. Conversations can be easily escalated between instant messages, voice and video making a huge impression on the customer.
  • Solgari Global Voice – ensures businesses can make worldwide calls with consistent tier one voice quality, regardless of location or device
  • Solgari WebMeeting – instant WebRTC browser video meetings without the need for any software downloads. Screens can be shared, desktops controlled remotely and it provides automatic end of meeting email reports
  • Solgari Contact Centre – can run inbound, outbound or blended contact centres. Functions include supervisor listen and whisper, agent visibility and performance boards

Solgari services are available on a per-user per-month subscription. As the services are completely cloud-based, there are no hardware or infrastructure requirements and all updates are provided by Solgari. On average, Solgari customers see yearly savings of more than 40 % compare to legacy telephony and contact centre providers.

The platform is available to all new and existing customers. For more information see the Solgari demo overview or, to request a demo, please visit

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