NCR Voyix Delivers Flexible, Future-Forward Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution for Retailers and Shoppers

  • SaaS
  • 15.01.2024 10:30 am

NCR Voyix Corporation, a leading global platform and provider of digital commerce solutions for the retail, restaurant and banking industries, and the world’s largest self-checkout vendor, today announced the launch of its Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution powered by NCR Voyix Commerce Platform.

The NCR Voyix Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution is a significant evolution in the checkout experience for retailers and shoppers alike. It caters to changing shopper journeys, drives the inclusion of demographics and payments, and provides an agile, modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology stack with a flexible, fabric-like hardware approach.

The SaaS application stack is managed by NCR Voyix Edge, which empowers retailers to own the shopper experience and innovate with new features and software updates in minutes, across the entire global footprint of retail endpoints. NCR Voyix Insights, available through the NCR Voyix Commerce Platform, provides actionable, proactive, and predictive insights in real-time.

The NCR Voyix Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution accelerates the arrival of frictionless hybrid stores with various modalities of checkout, allowing stores to pivot quickly between assisted and self-checkout lanes or cash and cashless lanes. As a multi-signal consumer engagement touchpoint, the Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution uses multiple and future signals — including bar code scanning, computer vision, RFID, and more — to reduce shopper journey friction and drive natural inclusivity. It enables retailers to experiment at their own pace, including the ability to configure and personalize experiences for specific demographics, with real-time insights that help de-risk investments.

The NCR Voyix Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution is underpinned by three key market-driven design principles of speed, intelligence, and innovation. Specifically, the solution provides:

Speed, so retailers can centrally deploy and manage software in minutes across all store lanes globally — or on an individual store or lane basis. With the configuration-first design, retailers can configure or design and personalize the store experiences in minutes for specific geographic regions, stores or shopper demographics.

Intelligence, with real-time data and insights, empowers retailers to deliver a superior customer experience, enhanced store operations and efficiency, improved loss prevention, and rapid store experimentation, including A/B testing etc.

Innovation through API-led business services, allows retailers to experiment and innovate at a faster pace, with sustainable differentiation regionally and globally.

To take full advantage of the speed, intelligence, and innovation provided by the Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution, NCR Voyix also offers a comprehensive set of service capabilities to help retailers transition from a monolithic, on-premises stack to a modern SaaS deployment and operational model. NCR Voyix's long history of industry innovation includes bringing SaaS to the physical self-checkout lane.

“The NCR Voyix team worked with more than 50 global grocery, convenience, and specialty retailers to understand their checkout priorities and challenges, and their continuous feedback shaped the design of our Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution,” said Eric Schoch, executive vice president and president of Retail at NCR Voyix. “By connecting the Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution to our Platform, retailers can win the in-store checkout experience with both customers and employees — and competitively position themselves for the store of the future in the rapidly evolving retail marketplace.”

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