Multinational Technology Group, Prytek, Significantly Exceeds Global Growth Targets

  • SaaS
  • 24.08.2021 09:55 am

Prytek offers a unique asset class opportunity for investors

Prytek, a leading unique multinational technology group, today announces that it has now successfully completed 180 deals in the past three years - including 20 merger deals and 3 new tech companies were founded - as part of the company’s ongoing growth strategy to build a range of vertically integrated technology ecosystems.

Since its launch in 2017, Prytek has spent more than $350m to acquire, build and develop deep technologies. It combines top tier managed service companies with leading proprietary technology all under one roof.

As a result, Prytek has experienced +200% annual revenue and asset value growthIt works with more than 250 clients worldwide, and the company has expanded to more than 1,200 employees across eight international offices including UK, Israel, Singapore, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, India, and Cyprus. Prytek operates mainly in the Financial Services, Tech-Education, Cyber and HR sectors.

Prytek has redefined investment asset classes by creating a new and unique asset class that takes the advantages of the common asset classes such as VC, PE, Corporate VC and Investment companies, mixes them together and leaves the disadvantages behind.  Prytek intends to go public in 2022 offering its current and future investors with constant liquidity.

It is formed as a corporation which means it can build long term strategies and enterprises without the urgency to deliver short-term exits and can invests in technological companies in a wide range of stages – growth, early stage, and late stage, when typically, funds are restricted to only one type. What is particularly unique about Prytek is the fact that the companies in each industry sector operate jointly in one ecosystem benefiting from cross-collaboration and the latest technologies to ensure fast growth and joint go-to-market efforts.  This drastically accelerates growth while the companies save costs.

Prytek delivers its world-class solutions through BOPaaS (Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service), an integrated service offering that uniquely combines technology-based managed services with advice and management from leading industry experts. Prytek currently operates BOPaaS in the financial services division with Delta Capita, a leading global managed service, technology solutions and consulting provider.

Prytek also recently invested $55m into TipRanks, an Israeli-based fintech company designed to make investment decisions easier for retail investors, by providing them access to professional tools via a simple interface. The platform now has more than 4 million active retail investment users, and the latest funding from Prytek will enable TipRanks to expand its technological capabilities, with plans to carry out a new generation of data products.

Andrey Yashunsky, Founder and CEO of Prytek said “Prytek’s exceptional growth proves that tech-based managed services are the new gold. By creating a community of entrepreneurs who complement each other - but act independently - we are enabling large scale digital transformation across multiple industries.”

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