Is Integration the Most Essential Quality When Choosing a SaaS Fintech Product?

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  • 29.04.2022 10:30 am

META: Take a look at our guide to why it’s essential for SaaS fintech products to have superior integration.

"SaaS fintech” is a term that can look like it comes from another language to outsiders. To break it down, SaaS, or “Software as a Service” allows industry staff to access a piece of software designed to make business operations easier, and “fintech” is the financial technology genre of SaaS.

There is a lot of demand for SaaS fintech products, and therefore, a lot of pressure to get it just right. If you are creating a SaaS product and it isn’t doing the best it can do, it will be forgotten. A lot of that comes down to integration. After all, SaaS fintech products are created for the sake of convenience. Integration is a big part of that element. If a product isn’t integrated well, it’s likely to become an inconvenience very quickly.

So, how can a well-integrated SaaS fintech product help you? Take a look at our guide to why it’s essential for SaaS fintech products to have superior integration.

So that it can tie in with software

Businesses around the globe are using a wide range of software options, a lot of which you might not have even heard of. And in turn, there will be various other software solutions to deal with different tasks. If a SaaS fintech product can seamlessly integrate with other software programs, it can do its job without disrupting the software it is integrated into or causing problems for staff using it.

If you are paying to use a lot of SaaS products, they should each be well integrated into your software so that using them is easy and not disruptive to your business operations.

So that it is easy for staff

Integration is important because most of the SaaS products on the market are designed for convenience. The Mesh Payments solutions, for example, serve to automate financial transactions, as do a lot of fintech products. The Mesh Payment system looks to create a flow of approval, automate the collection and matching of receipts, and other features that make handling the finances a lot quicker.

If the SaaS product isn’t seamlessly integrated into the software, your staff might have trouble finding and using it. This will create a domino effect of inconveniences. Your SaaS fintech product needs to be integrated well to avoid blockage to any of the services it provides.

So that the automation process is seamless

Taking the Mesh Payment program as an example, there is a “flow” to the process of its services. A lot of SaaS programs are a product of lots of minor solutions to common problems working in tangent. However, a disruption to the integration of any of these solutions will cause a blockage in the flow, like a rail on the track. If one is down, the rest will follow. With SaaS fintech programs, if the transaction can’t go through, the receipt won’t be processed, etc.

The Mesh Payment program allows businesses to pay a range of SaaS services from one platform, for example. If the integration process isn’t seamless, a payment to a vital service could be missed, blocking access to the service, and causing problems for the business.

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