Cardinal Investment Advisers Brings in RiskFirst’s PFaroe to Improve Effectiveness of Risk-aware Investment Strategies

  • Risk Management
  • 03.02.2017 07:45 am

Cardinal Investment Advisors – a boutique consulting firm with significant liability-driven investment (LDI) experience, primarily advising insurance companies, pension funds, foundations, and endowments – has adopted RiskFirst’s risk management platform, PFaroe. The consultancy will use the platform to optimize its clients’ complex portfolios in a liability-aware fashion, informing, in particular, long-term strategies around glide paths, required cash contributions and the maintenance of credit balances.

Scott Skornia, Managing Director, Cardinal Investment Advisors, says: “Cardinal is committed to investing in tools and resources that help us to meet our key objective: optimizing the creation, implementation and monitoring of investment strategies. We have always looked at such strategies from a liability/risk perspective and PFaroe aligns perfectly with this view. The tool will be an asset to our offering; automating our reporting and allowing us to have all our data in one place – everything from the attribution of risk, all the way down to having access to underlying benchmark data. The system will bring greater levels of efficiency and streamlining to the business.”

Matthew Seymour, CEO, RiskFirst, comments: “Cardinal deals frequently with complex portfolios and equally complex liability structures, and is dedicated to delivering innovative LDI solutions and optimized portfolio strategies. Cardinal has historically created in-house the financial tools and analytics required to do this, with a reputation for developing best-in-class asset-liability models, so we are delighted that they have decided to bring in PFaroe to add value to their specialist offering for clients old and new.” 

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