Avoka Develops CX Design Programme for Retail Banks

  • Retail Banking
  • 29.06.2017 08:15 am

Avoka, the acknowledged leader in digital customer acquisition for financial services companies, today announced the launch of a Customer Experience (CX) Design program to empower its clients in the retail banking, business banking, and wealth management industries to optimize their digital customer acquisition and onboarding capabilities. 

The program is the first of its kind, specifically designed for banks engaged in the process of transforming their digital customer experience. 

Avoka’s CX Design for Banking program offers financial services institutions the opportunity to take part in hands-on customer experience workshops led by Avoka CX Design Experts. Using insights gathered from customer personas and current-state experience maps, analytics-driven best practices will be applied to evaluate the institutions’ digital acquisition and onboarding processes. The result is the design of a new, customer-centric application journey to increase account conversions and customer satisfaction. 

“As our recent State of Digital Sales in Banking Report reflects, banks have come a long way in making their products digitally available, but the overall customer experience continues to lag. Banks are not only frustrating their customers, they’re also missing out on millions of dollars in potential sales due to what may seem like small points of friction along the sales funnel. Here we are bringing our knowledge to help banks deliver a great experience,” said Derek Corcoran, Chief Experience Officer, Avoka.

Avoka’s CX Design for Banking program will also provide Experience Optimization services to analyze how well a client’s applications are currently working, looking for points of friction and potential abandonment. Using data from Avoka’s Transact Insights analytics engine, targeted design recommendations are then created to help improve application success rates. 

To lead this new practice area, Avoka has established a worldwide practice, led by veteran CX designer Adam Miller, whose career has included time running experience design projects at Oracle and Citrix, among others. The practice is staffed with CX leaders in all Avoka offices to address customers in North America, Europe and Australia. 

“More often than not, banks orient their application experience around their own internal processes, instead of on what matters most to their customers, often with unintended consequences,” said Adam Miller, CX Design Practice Director, Avoka. “Banks must switch their mind-sets and adopt customer-centric thinking when it comes to building their digital onboarding and sales processes or risk watching customer loyalty move to the competition.”

“As the only platform provider with a dedicated customer experience design program, we look forward to continuing to share our vision for what a best-in-class application experience looks like,” said Miller. 

The opportunity to work with Avoka’s CX Design Practice is immediately available.

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