Governor Software’s RegTech software on the FCA Handbook website

  • RegTech
  • 20.11.2019 09:51 am

Governor Software Ltdan innovative governance and oversight solution provider, today announced that Governor Reg: FCA, a live version of the FCA Handbook allowing UK regulated financial institutions to map, track and report regulatory compliance, has been seamlessly integrated into the FCA Handbook website to enhance overall user experience, improve navigation and provide .csv downloads of relevant items. 

Richard Pike, CEO and Founder of Governor Software responded “Governor Reg: FCA specifically developed in conjunction with the FCA utilises Governor Software’s unique visualisation technology and provides FCA-authorised firms with a unique version of the FCA Handbook, allowing them to benefit from improved search functions, increased visualisation of regulations, the ability to download specific modules and a history feature allowing users to see changes by date. There is also online user help and a demonstration video available on the Handbook website. 

Richard continues “To further help UK Regulated firms to stay compliant, we have developed a live version of Governor Reg: FCA that is directly available for commercial clients. This version allows clients direct access to a live copy of all of the FCA regulations within their compliance system. The content is updated as the FCA makes changes and alerts users to exactly what changes have been made and when.  Using Governor Reg: FCA allows UK Regulated firms to link each of their compliance activities (policies, controls, tests) to the relevant rules and guidance, giving them a clear map of where they have regulatory coverage and where they have issues.  This live version also helps both the firm and the FCA when there is a supervisory visit as the regulated entity has already stored their compliance data in the FCA format, in accordance to the FCA Handbook structure. Governor Reg: FCA also provides compliance teams to receive live regulatory newsfeeds via Corlytics R

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