StockTwits Teames Up With Tradeit for in-app Trading

  • Platform Technology
  • 24.01.2017 09:45 am

StockTwits Inc., the largest social platform for investors and traders, teamed up with TradeIt to enable their community to send trades to major brokerages in their iOS app.

StockTwits is well known in the retail investing and trading communities as the definitive social platform for discussing intraday market activity, with more than 200 messages posted each minute across 7,500 individual stocks and tickers.

Last November, StockTwits launched in-app trading with no transaction fee broker Robinhood. Since then they have seen over 40,000 accounts connected, making over 1000 trades per day through the StockTwits platform.

"Our community lives on StockTwits, spending over 50 minutes per day, so it is only natural that they want to execute trades from our platform," said StockTwits CEO Ian Rosen. "We've had so much success with our Robinhood integration that we are excited to get more brokerages used by our community connected."

This update expands StockTwits' broker offering considerably, leveraging TradeIt technology to give the StockTwits community the ability to transact through major brokerages with one swipe.

"TradeIt is supporting retail investors in an increasingly distributed ecosystem allowing them to trade conveniently on-the-go, wherever they are," said Nathan Richardson, co-founder and CEO of TradeIt. "Partnering with StockTwits will enable thousands of people to use our innovative trading technology to execute their trades securely, safely, quickly and efficiently. Through our technology, any financial app can link to their users' brokerage accounts so that they're able to view, trade and manage their accounts with any US broker."

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