CG Asset Management Implements INDATA’s iPM Epic Platform

  • Platform Technology
  • 02.02.2017 07:45 am

INDATA, a leading industry provider of software, technology and services for buy-side firms, today announced that CG Asset Management, a London-based independent investment manager with more than $2 Billion in AUM, has successfully implemented INDATA’s iPM Epic platform. The cloud-based platform will be utilized by CG for OMS & front office, IBOR, compliance, portfolio accounting and data management.

Founded in 2000 and having experienced significant growth, CG began to evaluate solutions to provide more efficiency for its dealing and compliance processes. The priority for CG was to have a fully integrated front office solution that included a robust OMS as well as a comprehensive pre- and post-trade compliance module to accommodate its multi-strategy investment approach, including significant global fixed income. CG was also looking for a full shadow accounting capability in line with industry best practices of keeping a parallel and independent IBOR separate from its custodians from a portfolio accounting standpoint.

An important feature for CG was that the system chosen would be cloud-based. Having evaluated other third-party IT providers, CG was introduced to Lanware, INDATA’s UK Technology partner and the prospect of having both CG’s IT and mission-critical investment software under one umbrella reinforced INDATA’s credentials. Equally important for CG was the ability to have a fully automated process that incorporated external market data and custodial feeds.

“We were looking for a fully-integrated solution which provided as much automation as possible so that we could focus on our business of investing and not the overhead of making all of our systems and IT work together. INDATA’s iPM Epic solution fulfilled these requirements,” commented Richard Goody, Director of Risk and Compliance at CG Asset Management. “With the system in place we now have an automated workflow. From seeing our funds’ current and historical investments and cash positions, cash forecasting, trading electronically with our brokers, checking compliance and back office reporting; we have a solution that combines robust front office tools, compliance controls and an independent book of records separate to our funds’ administrator.” 

“It has been a pleasure working with CG Asset Management and we are very pleased that they have chosen our system,” commented David J. Csiki, President of INDATA.  “We greatly value our relationship and look forward to serving CG in the next phase of their continuing growth.”


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