Celent Recognizes Backbase as a Leader in Digital Onboarding and Origination Solutions

  • Platform Technology , Banking
  • 02.04.2020 08:32 am

Backbase, the leading omni-channel digital banking platform, announced today that it has topped Celent’s Retail Banking Customer Onboarding Platform vendor assessment, winning both Celent’s Xcelent Technology 2020 Award and Xcelent Functionality 2020 Award. The report provides a rigorous analysis of the customer onboarding vendor landscape, including a profile comparison of 17 solutions. Backbase’s richness and breadth of products and solutions, as well as underlying modern technology, edged out the competition and positioned it at the top. 

Celent Analyst and author of the report, Bob Meara, stated:

“Among customer acquisition & onboarding solutions, Backbase is distinctive for its broad product and line-of-business support. A bevy of vendors can provide a viable product for digital account opening. Far fewer can offer a single platform across retail banking, business banking, commercial banking, and wealth management lines of business.” 

Exemplary for Backbase’s Technology Leadership in Onboarding and Origination is the breadth of integration mechanisms that are supported. Backbase topped the ranking for Functional Leadership for supporting the broadest array of products and scoring highest among the best revenue optimization capability.

According to Celent:

“Omnichannel customer acquisition is rapidly rising on the agenda of financial institutions, especially those still over reliant on branch sales generation. The need for solutions uniquely addressing omnichannel customer acquisition arises from the combination of rapidly changing consumer expectations alongside vexing constraints imposed by legacy channel and core systems.” 

Backbase boasts an impressive commitment to R&D, investing more than 50% of revenue into building up its product and solution portfolio. A testament to that is Backbase’s early-March launch of its next-generation Onboarding & Origination solution across Retail, SME/Business & Corporate Banking, and Wealth Management. The modern, turn-key solution allows financial institutions to optimize their customers' buying experience, fully digitize onboarding and product origination operations, and maximize their business agility. 

Jouk Pleiter, CEO of Backbase, commented:

“In this digital age, a bank cannot possibly reach its business potential unless it can onboard new business digitally and quickly. Gone are the days where accounts were opened with paperwork or other unnecessary friction. It should take minutes and that is what people now expect. This software allows banks to drastically simplify the user journey across all their whole business, maximizing customer acquisition and giving the bank a competitive edge.”

To win Celent’s Xcelent Technology 2020 Award, the analyst firm evaluated vendors’ level of technological sophistication and flexibility. Backbase’s advanced API-first technology, rich integration methods and broad deployment options (Backbase-as-a-Service, private / public cloud, on-premise), stood out from other vendors and secured its top positioning. 

The analysts could not fault Backbase’s platform, which received full scores on all evaluation factors for Celent’s Xcelent Technology 2020 Award: 

  • Integration Methods, Services, and APIs - Scores favor larger number of integration mechanisms
  • Internationalization and Localization - Scores favor multiple language and currency support
  • Change Tooling and Upgrade Automation - Scores favor continuous integration and delivery 
  • Application Security - Scores favor broad authentication capabilities
  • Approach to System Changes - Scores favor no-code tools for business users
  • Customer Feedback

Similarly, to bring home Celent’s Xcelent Functionality 2020 Award, vendors were compared by the detailed functionality of the product and the breadth of channels supported, as well as by client feedback and an analyst demo. Supporting the broadest array of customer onboarding products and with the best revenue optimization capability, Backbase again edged out the competition in this category and scored full marks.

More details on evaluation factors for Celent’s Xcelent Functionality 2020 Award: 

  • Detailed functionality - Breadth of Channel Support,  Mechanisms to Reduce Data Entry and Data Errors, Identity Verification,  Customer Communication, Qualification and Cross-Sell, Account Funding, Customer Onboarding and Revenue Optimization and Dashboard, Reporting, and Analytics 
  • Breadth of products and channels supported - Direct Deposit Account (DDA)/Savings, Credit Card, Auto Loan, Personal Loan/LOC, Wealth Management Products, Mortgage, Business Products; 

Channels supported: Mobile/Tablet, Branch, Desktop, Contact Center, Mobile app for branch staff and Support for channel switching mid-process

  • Client feedback
  • Analyst demo

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