Klarna Launches New Campaign to Celebrate Consumers, Support Regulation and Challenge the Status Quo

  • Personal Finance
  • 22.01.2021 02:59 pm

Klarna UK has launched a campaign, championing consumers who are managing their spending responsibly, supporting regulation and challenging common stereotypes. 

With a series of eye-catching billboards, Klarna highlights popular fallacies and social stereotypes, including, “Pink is for girls” and “Millenials are useless with money”. The hoarding goes on to clarify that colour has no gender and that millennials actually save 36% more money than older generations.

In the context of the current debate surrounding regulation of buy now pay later, Klarna uses this campaign to confirm its support for further regulation to better protect consumers, with a billboard which states, “Let’s make regulation fit for today. Consumers want to bank, pay and shop in innovative and new ways. And we want what’s best for them.” 

Commenting on this latest OOH campaign, Klarna Head of UK Marketing, AJ Coyne said: “Consumer preferences and shopping habits are constantly evolving, yet stereotypes and common, incorrect assumptions appear to be stuck in the dark ages. Our latest campaign sets out to challenge these beliefs and to champion our customers - from Millennials to Gen Xers.

“We recognise that our customers don’t need nor want to be labelled, they need responsible solutions which protect them when shopping. At Klarna we are proud to provide that support and will continue to innovate and develop to keep up with our dynamic and diverse customers.”

This latest campaign follows Klarna’s support for better regulation of the buy now, pay later sector as a means to better protect consumers. Read more here.

Please find full images of the OOH Campaign here.

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