ZEN.COM with Digital First Certificate from Mastercard

  • Payments
  • 27.06.2022 01:45 pm

ZEN.COM, an innovative European fintech, has been awarded the Digital First certificate by Mastercard. The key benefit that ZEN.COM will provide to individual customers through its certification is a higher level of card security. This is another step in the company's global strategy to deliver the most secure and fully mobile financial services.

With the Digital First certificate, ZEN Mastercard users are even better protected. Cards bearing this certificate have an additional security feature: data such as number, CVC and expiry date are not printed on the physical card. They can only be accessed by logging into the ZEN.COM app. As a result, even if a plastic card is lost, there is no risk of losing control of the most sensitive data.

When the account’s registration is completed, ZEN.COM users receive an automatically generated virtual card that is immediately available in the application to be used just like a traditional card. Free physical cards are also available too, although they are sent on request after placing an order in the ZEN.COM app. With the implementation of the Digital First certificate, plastic cards will no longer contain visible sensitive data, only the holder's name. After logging in, the card number and CVC2 will be available in the ZEN.COM application.

As UK Finance data show, in the first half of 2021, a total of £753.9 million was stolen through fraud, which was an increase of 30% in comparison to the first half of 2020. It’s to be expected that this year’s amounts will be even higher as cybercriminals find new ways to obtain private data. This shows how important it is to maintain security when paying in physical outlets. Initiatives such as Digital First are primarily a nod towards consumers who, for various reasons, do not want to give up plastic cards and, at the same time, want to improve the security level of physical transactions,” comments Michał Bogusławski, Chief Commercial Officer at ZEN.COM.

The implementation is underway, and the certified solution will be ready for use with ZEN.COM soon. It will be available for users using both Android and iOS, with the possibility to quickly connect to the electronic wallet in Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay or Xiaomi Pay.

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