ZebPay Launches ZEBB, a New Simplified App Offering Easy Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Bitcoin and Ether for Long-term Wealth Creatio

  • Payments , Bitcoins , Cryptocurrencies
  • 14.07.2021 09:20 am

ZebPay, India’s oldest and most trusted crypto asset exchange, today announced the launch of  ZEBB, a new app offering users simple, easy, and convenient Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) options in Bitcoin and Ether. ZEBB enables users to begin their Bitcoin and Ether SIP with investments worth as little as Rs. 100 with just three taps. Along with seasoned traders and crypto enthusiasts, ZEBB aims at making investing in Bitcoin and Ether easy for everyone by lowering the barrier of entry. Users can automate their SIP investing on a regularly recurring schedule (such as weekly), and enjoy instant buy/sell with 0% buying fees with ZEBB. Users simply have to sign up, complete the KYC process and start buying Bitcoin or Ether. 

ZEBB offers SIP in the biggest, oldest, and most valued crypto assets, Bitcoin and Ether. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars. Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over 43 billion dollars. However, both Bitcoin and Ether prices can see large fluctuations depending on the demand and supply in the market, therefore, rupee cost averaging is the best way to get an average price on these assets. ZEBB aims to give investors exactly that by offering SIP in the trusted coins to grow wealth in the long term. 

Avinash Shekhar, Co-Chief Executive Officer, ZebPay, said, “At ZebPay, we have always encouraged investors to dollar or rupee cost average. With ZEBB, we are making it easy and effortless for investors to do so. Moreover, Bitcoin and Ethereum are revolutionary technologies with tremendous growth potential, and SIP is known as one of the most efficient models of wealth creation helping users to invest in the best possible average buy price. If, for instance, an investor had bought Rs. 100 Bitcoin every week in the past year, they would have gained around 72% on their total investment of Rs. 5200.”

ZEBB is a product of ZebPay, a leading crypto-asset exchange in India since 2014. Just like ZebPay, ZEBB’s focus is always to ensure customer data security and the security of customer deposits and wallet holdings. With cold storage of cryptos, third-party security audits, and bug bounty programs, ZEBB has adopted top-notch security protocols so users can buy and safely HODL crypto assets. ZEBB is now available on Play Store and Apple Store for all Indian users.

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