You can now pay using Jiffy to park in Via Milano Parking car parks at Milano Bergamo Airport thanks to an agreement between SEA, UBI Banca and SIA

You can now pay using Jiffy to park in Via Milano Parking car parks at Milano Bergamo Airport thanks to an agreement between SEA, UBI Banca and SIA
12.07.2018 01:10 pm

You can now pay using Jiffy to park in Via Milano Parking car parks at Milano Bergamo Airport thanks to an agreement between SEA, UBI Banca and SIA


Today you can now use your smartphone to pay for parking in the P2 and P3 car parks at the Milan Bergamo Airport, operated by ViaMilano Parking, thanks to the Jiffy service provided by UBI Banca and SIA.

When you use Jiffy, cameras scan the license plate of your vehicle when you enter the car park and then you use your smartphone to pay when you leave. 

The operation is quick and easy: first you activate the Jiffy service and then register on the SEA website ( and enter your vehicle license number which will be linked to your cell phone number.

Jiffy, which was launched by UBI Banca and SIA in 2014 for the transfer of money in real time between individuals, is now a digital alternative to payments in cash and it complements other more conventional instruments such as credit cards.

The advantages for customers

By using Jiffy for car parks operated by ViaMilano Parking, customers can make a payment in a few simple steps with the amount debited directly on their current accounts or on their payment cards with IBAN. There is therefore no need to go to the cash desk to make the payment, which is easy and immediate when you use your smartphone. Even though the transaction is fast and simple, it still takes place in a secure banking environment protected by access credentials. This initiative confirms ViaMilano Parking’s (a member of the SEA Group) commitment to providing its customers with simple solutions for the use of its services at airports. 

Use of smartphones to make transactions is on the increase

The use of smartphones to make payments at airport car parks operated by ViaMilano Parking at Milan Bergamo Airport, the first to provide this payment option in Italy, forms part of a general trend towards cashless payments.

Volumes of credit and debit card transactions grew nationally over the two-year period 2016-2017 by approximately 50% (they stood €46 billion in 2017) and digital transactions via smartphone were up 60% to reach a total of €6.7 billion at the end of 2017.

This innovative user experience developed with ViaMilano Parking" said Natascia Noveri, Marketing Manager at UBI Banca, "demonstrates the constant efforts made by our Bank to simplify customer payment experiences on all those occasions where a quick and convenient alternative to cash is preferable”.

“Thanks to its partnership with UBI Banca and SIA, ViaMilano Parking has again confirmed its ‘digital mission’ towards its Milan airport customers by offering the best and most innovative payment services. Jiffy efficiently, easily and rapidly satisfies the requirements of highly demanding customers such as those at airports where time is always a valuable commodity. With Jiffy you no longer need to queue up to pay for your parking: you just go in and come out with your smart phone”, said Giuseppe Zaffaroni, ViaMilano Parking Manager at SEA


“The agreement with ViaMilano Parking and UBI Banca has allowed us to reach another important milestone as the Jiffy service has now evolved to include payments for parking at airports. It is a new development that exploits all the potential and the innovation inherent in mobile phones in terms of ease-of-use, convenience and speed, where the charge is paid in total security directly from your current account”, commented Marco Polissi, Jiffy Manager at SIA.

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