Worldline and TJ Morris Strengthen Partnership to Continue Enhanced Checkout Experience in the UK

  • Payments
  • 01.03.2021 11:38 am

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, has extended its partnership with TJ Morris, the multi-business company trading as Home Bargains, to speed up transaction times. 

Worldline’s market-leading payment solution is specifically addressing TJ Morris’ payment needs, and they are set to become one of the first Lane/3000 customers in the UK. The Lane/3000 PIN pad will manage the thousands of daily transactions Home Bargains sees every day, enabling customers to pay quicker at the tills and reduce waiting times. Worldline provides TJ Morris with these services through Ingenico, which has been part of Worldline since October 2020.

With multilane functionality, TJ Morris will now have several payment options while boosting contactless payment through a dedicated card reader zone. Its intuitive interface makes it easier to set up transactions and the support of both standard and touch display offers more choice to the customer. Lane/3000 works in unison with Worldline’s supporting service platforms, covering fleet management to payment application updates and merchant business services such as reporting and e-receipt management.

Having first started working with TJ Morris in 2012, when the Home Bargains trader was considering the best solutions on the market to ensure reliability and a smooth customer experience, the new systems ensure TJ Morris keeps up with new PCI regulations and continues offering a great customer experience as the company scales. With £100 million worth of transactions every week TJ Morris now has a solution with the best transaction speeds to ensure swift and seamless checkouts for customers to reduce queue times and avoid disappointment.

Frank Christiansen, IT Director at TJ Morris, said: “This extended partnership will mark over 10 years working alongside Ingenico, now part of Worldline. They provide a unique offering for us, acting as a one-stop shop for terminal supply and repair which is important to us as well as giving us the choice to own or lease the hardware. This was a unique selling point when we looked at other providers, combined with the excellent service and competitive commercial offering. The Worldline teams are fully engaged with our business providing solutions and suggestions to challenges that we face in the ever-changing world of Retail. Payments are complex, and it provides great peace of mind to me and the whole IT team here at TJ Morris to know the Worldline professionals are there to support us at every turn.”

Lee Jones, Managing Director Northern Europe, GSV at Worldline, said: “Home Bargains is a beloved household name across the UK, and it is a delight to be extending our partnership so we can continue offering speedy and reliable payments to its customers. With thousands of customers and transactions a day, it is crucial that TJ Morris’ systems are robust, and the potential for missed sales and all the knock-on effects eliminated. We are really excited to see the new Lane/3000 being rolled out across their stores, enabling them and their customers to benefit from this fast, seamless and secure solution.”


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