Worldline and PayMyTuition Enable More Payment Options for Students Across Five Continents

  • Payments
  • 08.12.2020 02:28 pm

Worldline [Euronext: WLN], the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry has partnered with PayMyTuition, to simplify payments for international students and the universities they attend. PayMyTuition is a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions for tuition payments. Worldline provides its services through Ingenico which is part of Worldline since October, 2020.

Using Worldline’s localized payment offerings, Canada-based PayMyTuition has expanded on the payment methods it offers to its 600-plus educational partners, giving them the ability to accept bank transfers across five continents – a preferred payment method for many demographics. As a result, international students will no longer be limited by payment options when it comes to choosing a college or university to attend and students from more than 35 countries have already taken advantage of the ability to pay their tuition via bank transfers, including Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, France, Japan, the Netherlands and Mexico.

PayMyTution chose to partner with Worldline as secure and frictionless global payment processing is central to its customer experience. Worldline’s leadership in PSD2 compliance, extensive suite of payment options, and effortless integration processes therefore made it an ideal partner when it came to the company’s payment process.

Arif Harji, Director and Chief Market Strategist at MTFX Group (parent company of PayMyTuition), explained: “Thanks to this integration with Worldline, we are able to expand upon our existing reach across five different continents to support partner institutions and their international students, allowing us to grow our impact even more around the globe. The partnership with Worldline also allows us to expand upon our existing set of multiple payment options, offering students choice in their preferred payment method, while giving universities and colleges the ability to attract more students around the world. The more choices that students have in paying for their higher education, the better.”

Andrew Monroe, Global Head of Gaming & Media, Digital Commerce, Merchant Services at Worldline, added: “We’re excited to be partnering with PayMyTuition. Global expansion brings the challenges of reaching a broader customer base with a set of distinct payment preferences. Together, we will build a trusted pathway, focused on a seamless payment and highly personalized customer experience. In the tuition payments industry, customer experience and a range of payment methods are the quintessential differentiator for delivering a world-class experience, so we are especially thrilled about this partnership and look forward to expanding into other regions.”

Going forward the partnership will be working with colleges and universities to help them save time, resources, and money, while allowing students to pay in the ways best suited to them. 

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