VizyPay Celebrates Five Years of Innovation with Plans to Super-Charge Growth

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  • 05.04.2022 01:45 pm
From humble beginnings to multimillions, VizyPay will continue to put small businesses first and catalyze Iowa’s growing tech landscape
VizyPay, a leading payment processing company, is celebrating five years of serving small businesses with transparent, money-saving payments solutions. In the years since its founding, the Iowa-based company has revolutionized the payments industry, received countless accolades for its innovative solutions, installed thousands of merchants across the nation and is on track to achieve $4 billion in total payments processed by year’s end. Looking forward, VizyPay is poised to become an industry disruptor with expansion plans that will further super-charge its outstanding growth while continuing to put small businesses first.
The VizyPay story began in 2017 when the three founding partners – including CEO and Founder Austin Mac Nab and Managing Partner Frank Pagano – put together $197,000 of their hard-earned savings to launch the company. Since then, the company has become a prominent figure in Iowa’s flourishing tech landscape and grown exponentially with an estimated revenue of $22 million in 2022 alone, all while remaining completely self-funded and founder-owned. This approach has allowed VizyPay to stay true to its company values of culture, transparency and advocacy for small business owners.
Now, VizyPay looks to boost its merchant base and build upon its growth by expanding its salesforce with the official launch of its W2 sales representative program. Initially piloted in Iowa, these account managers will focus on growing VizyPay’s presence within rural communities where merchants are using outdated technology or forced to utilize overpriced systems with bloated processing fees. The W2 program will focus on door-to-door sales outreach and connecting on a personal level with the small business owners VizyPay’s low-cost proprietary tech was designed for. With this new program, not only will VizyPay help more small businesses keep more of their hard-earned money, but VizyPay will also diversify the stagnated payments space with talent from diverse backgrounds and professional histories.
“We’re truly betting on ourselves with this hiring blitz, but if we’re successful we’ll be pushing our company ahead five years,” said Mac Nab. “It’s incredible if I think about it, I’m honored to have so many people who believe in VizyPay next to me as we look at our future. #TeamVizy has never been stronger, and our growth will only continue.”
Potential account managers need not have any extensive sales or payments background but instead should have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to help local businesses within their community. VizyPay believes anyone can have a successful career in payments as long as they have the drive to learn. As such, account managers will receive extensive training and support from VizyPay. As a result, small business owners across America will be better accommodated, with a representative from VizyPay always close at hand to help with installations and assist with any issues in-person, in addition to a customer support and sales center a phone call away. VizyPay ultimately seeks to hire over 30 new account managers in over 9 states.
“I’m excited to see how we can use this program to better serve the needs of small businesses and meet them on their home turf,” said Regional Director Matt Stipp who will be helming this initiative. “There’s no better way to celebrate five years of VizyPay than by improving the help we can provide small businesses." 
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