SOLMate Prepaid Cards Give Financial Freedom to the Financially Excluded

  • Payments , Credit Cards
  • 03.11.2021 11:45 am

SOLMate has announced the launch of its newly branded SOLMate prepaid debit cards. In its ongoing effort to offer clients a fully-fledged financial ecosystem in their pockets, SOLMate has further enhanced its solutions with the launch of this new generation debit card.

In addition to the host of payment services housed in the SOLMate app, customers can now tap or swipe at thousands of retail stores countrywide, withdraw cash from any ATM, cash in and out at selected points of sale, while also shopping safely online. 

“By launching our prepaid debit cards, we have answered the call from our customers for a more sophisticated card solution that offers the same or better capabilities than conventional bank cards”, says Jonathan Holden, Chief Operating Officer of SOLMate.

Holden says that the journey into the SOLMate ecosystem starts with the ability for its customers to get paid directly into their wallets by third parties or employers. Customers are then free to use the funds free of charge to buy services such as airtime and electricity and other vouchers, or transfer funds directly to their card: “This reduces the need to travel from home, stand in queues and ultimately risk their hard-earned money.”

SOLMate has also addressed a burning need in unbanked communities with this launch.  Holden says that customers are now a part of a growing digital revolution and are a step closer to real financial inclusion: “We will add to our offering in the coming months to enable access to more sophisticated products that protect and serve our customers financial interests.”

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