Rego Payment Architectures: Successful Development of the Alpha Version of OINK's Mobile Payment Platform

  • Payments
  • 17.04.2017 12:30 pm

Today Rego Payment Architectures, Inc. reveals a major milestone. This week the joint technology development team tested the Alpha version of the OINK payment platform. With just six months having passed since OINK made the pivot to being a mobile based payment platform for the youth market, Rego CEO John Coyne proudly announced that the Alpha test was a "complete success." 

"Having identified that 70% of our customers (the youth market) use Amazon as their preferred online purchasing site, it made sense to see if the test would work there. I'm pleased to say that the development team did it, without a hitch. Now, the fact that it works means that we can enter the market as planned but it's no guarantee of adoption." 

Buying something on Amazon is something that millions of people do every day. However what makes this test unique is that it required OINK's highly complicated interplay of compliance, contract models, and the existing payment infrastructure. 

"To protect our customers and their children, and to comply with commerce regulations for children under 18, OINK uses a proprietary set of models that until now only theoretically worked in a mobile application. Now we have proven our theory in the real world." Coyne said today, underlining the efforts of his development team, "We've done something very, very difficult, in a time frame nearly unheard of for a major application." 

This speed-to-development was enabled by the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques, allowing the system to perform its own reasoning in solving complex internal relationships. 

Arian Verbeek, the lead developer for the team in the Netherlands, pioneering those techniques said, "For the Alpha release to be successful, both the back end and front end (phone and user experience (UX) had to operate seamlessly in conjunction with one another.  The added complexity of development was integrating both the AI components and the front-end with teams operating in the Netherlands and Los Angeles. We were certainly all a bit nervous there for a moment, but the success of this test moves us forward and proves the architecture is sound." 

Dave Aparo, a Director on Rego's LA team is delighted with the results and said, "This is a testament to the technical and project management skills of both teams.  But it is also a tribute to our unique architecture that combines components of both artificial intelligence, for complex decision making, and standard programming tools used to develop the user experience." 

This testing will continue through May, from the internal branches that determine process flow to the integration points for our banking partners and we will subject our system to multiple levels of security testing to prevent hackers from compromising our system or stealing our data. It's an exciting time as Rego takes the new OINK from concept to reality.

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