PXP Financial Introduces Improved Automated Notification System

  • Payments , Compliance
  • 15.12.2020 10:39 am

PXP Financial, the global expert in acquiring and payment processing services, today announces Status Page, a new and improved notification system for PXP Financial’s incident management process. Status Page is designed to be an evolution in customer visibility, allowing customers to see the status of services at all times.

Status Page is a 24/7 service that uses automation to improve both the efficiency and speed of both internal and external communication around incidents and maintenance. Users of Status Page simply subscribe to the service and will immediately begin to receive alerts

Aside from the actual page itself, Status Page integrates seamlessly with PXP Financial’s existing support tools Zendesk and Pingdom. This integration allows for notices and alerts to be shared through the tools themselves, increasing awareness of an incident. This includes PXP Financial’s customer facing portal.

Koen Vanpraet, CEO of PXP Financial, comments: “From a service perspective it’s a huge step forward. Never before has PXP Financial been able to provide customers visibility of the uptime of our services at all times. In the past there has been a dependency on the support team to communicate the current status of an incident, Status Page gives an element of control back to the customer as they can view the Status Page whenever is needed to check up on an incident or maintenance.”

In order to utilise the service, PXP Financial’s customers will need to subscribe to receive notifications, as required by GSPR guidelines. To subscribe, please visit https://status.pxpfinancial.com/.

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