PPRO Group Launches the Most Complete Overview of APMs Available to Date

PPRO Group Launches the Most Complete Overview of APMs Available to Date
27.06.2017 11:00 am

PPRO Group Launches the Most Complete Overview of APMs Available to Date


PPRO Group, in collaboration with Edgar, Dunn and Company, is today announcing the most complete overview of alternative payment methods (APMs) available to date. Listing and contextualising over 300 APMs, the PPRO Payment Almanac will be an invaluable compendium for PPRO partners in need of insight into the global payment landscape.

The PPRO Payment Almanac is the first step in organising and categorising the bewildering world of APMs. Details on each APM including the region where and how the APM operates, make this an indispensable reference source for payment businesses looking to increase their e-commerce offering globally and reach new markets.

In addition to the annual publication, an online version of the PPRO Payment Almanac will be updated regularly with the latest figures and the newest APMs as the market continues to expand and adapt rapidly in line with changing global consumer demands.

“As e-commerce continues to go global, payment businesses and their online retail partners are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of both opportunity and risk. To win, you need innovative and fast-evolving strategies informed by the best information. But there’s the paradox. Until now, good, well-founded information on the state of the global payments industry has been hard to find. That’s why we have created The PPRO Payment Almanac, available exclusively to our partners”, explains Simon Black, CEO, PPRO Group.

The product of thousands of hours of research and analysis, this unique document contains the distilled knowledge of PPRO’s global team of online payment experts. In it, it will detail up-to-date information payment businesses need – on 155 different markets and many hundreds of local and global payment methods – to plan for success in the year ahead.

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