optile Open Payments 1.0 Achieves Certified Integration with SAP® Applications

  • Payments
  • 18.09.2018 10:26 am

Today, optile, a next-generation open payment platform for global online businesses, announced that optile Open Payments 1.0 has achieved certified integration with SAP® Applications. optile’s innovative solution can deliver faster growth opportunities to businesses while providing a frictionless, unified payment experience to their customers.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified that optile Open Payments version 1.0 integrates with the current version of SAP® Commerce via an add-on. This represents an end-to-end payment solution with a range of key features as well as simple and advanced integration scenarios. From one-click and express checkout to recurring charges, redirects and deferred payments to chargebacks, refunds and more, the features of optile Open Payments offer businesses flexibility in managing their payment processes. optile Open Payments also offers payment optimization tools that go beyond its core functionality and cover smart payment routing, in-depth analytic and reporting applications, powerful risk management and PCI-compliant secure data storage.

“We are happy to announce our successful SAP certification for optile Open Payments,” says Manuel Sandhofer, VP Sales and Partner at optile. “The ability of our next-generation open payment platform to leverage the business potential of assets provided by solutions from SAP and other vendors will prove highly beneficial for our existing and future customers. optile Open Payments can now enable more businesses to access unlimited payment opportunities and quickly grow their market coverage in any part of the world.”

Having achieved a certified integration with SAP applications, optile Open Payments can now provide more and more businesses with yet unexplored global scalability opportunities through access to a greater number of payment methods, payment providers, acquirers and third-party solutions worldwide. All back-end processes powered by optile Open Payments such as refunds or cancellations, need to be implemented only once. This “implement once, expand anywhere” approach complies with the needs of businesses to manage their payment setup across countries with minimal effort and cost while offering the payment mix preferred by their international customers. optile’s intelligent payment optimisation tools can also help businesses increase their revenue, offer best-in-class customer experience and increase customer lifetime value.

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