Nuspay and EBS Partner to Introduce Virtual Account Tokenized Payments to India

  • Payments
  • 27.10.2015 00:00 am

India is one step closer to boasting the world's most secure eCommerce environment today, thanks to a new agreement between Nuspay International (Nuspay) and E-billing Solutions (EBS) that will allow customers of various banks associated with EBS to enjoy safer transactions with thousands of online merchants. Under the agreement, customers will be able to make secure purchases from more than 6,000 online merchants via the patent-pending Nuspay Virtual Account tokenized payment solution, which makes online payments while fully protecting the customer's account information.

Nuspay, a global financial technology company, is partnering with EBS to offer its payment technology to EBS eCommerce merchants. Once complete, the integration will give customers the opportunity to use the Nuspay Virtual Account tokenized payment solution when they make online purchases. The groundbreaking solution, which generates a unique code, or "token," for each transaction based on the customer's account and the purchase date and amount. This technology aims to significantly reduce payment frauds and eliminate the threat of loss for account-holders payment data and personal information in the event of a data breach.

"Nuspay has long admired EBS's dedication to serving its customers and the citizens of India," said Nuspay's CEO and Chairman Greg Wooten. "The agreement with EBS demonstrates and strengthens our commitment by protecting customers and merchants alike. We are honored to facilitate this advancement in payment technology in South Asia and stand ready to partner with other banks and merchant processors to continue making India a safe place to do business online."

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