MuchBetter Adds Google Pay for Seamless, Secure Payments

  • Payments
  • 20.08.2021 02:10 pm

Service available to hundreds of thousands of MuchBetter users 

MuchBetter, the award-winning payments company, today announced its availability via Google Pay™, meaning MuchBetter Android users can now make in-store contactless and online payments using Google Pay™. Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system and Google Pay™ is among the top payment platforms. The integration means that a significant proportion of MuchBetter’s one million customers will benefit from the simplicity and security of the Google Pay™ service. 

MuchBetter has chosen to make its Prepaid Debit Mastercard© available on Google Pay™ now due to the increasing popularity of contactless payments, with limits in the UK soon to be increased to £100. Likewise, the deal also further increases customer choice and gives users more opportunities to pay with MuchBetter for day-to-day payments. Google Pay™ will complement MuchBetter’s long list of payment options, which today includes P2P transfers, online, mobile and card payments. MuchBetter also powers popular contactless wearables like the Winwatch smartwatch, CashCuff smartshirt and Tovi Sorga’s new range of contactless accessories. 

To use Google Pay™, MuchBetter customers must download the Google Pay™ app from the Google Play Store and add their MuchBetter card details. They can then pay with Google Pay™ using their MuchBetter funds wherever they see a contactless logo in physical stores, or during the checkout process for online or in-app purchases.    

There are so many ways to pay with MuchBetter now,” said MuchBetter co-founder and CEO, Israel Rosenthal.We created the business with choice and flexibility in mind, ensuring that users could pay for whatever they want, however they want – always with a secure, seamless experience. It’s why MuchBetter is becoming the payment method of choice for our customers, whether that is for P2P transfers, card, contactless or online payments. We hope Google Pay™ will enhance our payment options even further.” 


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